Useful Features to Check for When in the Market for the Perfect Soberness Token

Recovery from alcoholism is a long and slippery road. All kinds of assistance and assurances that can keep them focused on the recovery are always welcome. Medallions and sobriety chips are one of the universally applied ways by alcoholics to keep track of their progress and making sure that their efforts to stay clean are recognized. If the sobriety coin is to convey the sentiment we need to be passed to the beneficiary, we have to pick it carefully. Below are a couple of factors you should have in mind as you search for the most suitable medallion.

It’s always a good idea to consider how easy you can find the design you pick if you are planning on regular purchases. If you’re buying them for a lot of people, finding a constant design is always wise. Since most people in the group are likely to celebrating different times that they have been sober, looking for a design that is available for varied times is always a good move. You also could try looking for a dealer who you can count on to have them ready for you when you want. You could also consider a popular design to avoid running into troubles in case you can get them from your usual supplier. Check out The Token Shop for the best AA coins or read more about sobriety coins.

It’s also wise to look into how much these tokens sell for. If you’re in charge of acquiring them for your AA group, you should consider what budget you have to work with. For a friendly gift, you could spend a little more as a gesture of how precious they are to you and how impressed you are with their efforts. Finding a supplier or a designer who can provide these at really fair prices is one consideration you should have in mind. You can ask people from other support groups where they find their tokens to see if it can be helpful. Going online to find the best medallion makers in your location who offers the best prices might also be a good idea. You should also try getting a number of them at a go if there are discounts allowed.

The tokens’ appearance could also be another way of selecting which ones you get. Most of these tokens will be in the hands of their awardees a lot and so they should be wisely chosen. The size, the color, the design, the material that makes it and you wish to have inscribed on it should be chosen wisely. You could try looking for a designer who does custom work if you want the tokens to be personalized or custom made for your support group. If it’s for a friend, having it designed to their preference is something you could think about. You can read more details on this here:


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